About Us

Ali Rıza Arslan
Chairman of the Board

EMSAS Construction Tourism Trade and Industry Co. Inc. which was established in 1980 and is an international construction company specializing in superstructure and infrastructure projects.The headquarters of EMSAS Construction is located in Istanbul at the intersection between Europian and Asia continents. Branch offices are located in BELARUS and USA. Between 1992 and 2005, Alatau Hotel and Business Center in Almaty - Kazakhstan was constructed and managed by Emsas Construction, on the other hand Emsas operates Alfa Petroleum in Turkey.By the help of these activities, Emsaş has consolidated it's achievements in the construction industry with it's experience in tourism and trade.

The Company has put the seal of success on many projects in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Germany, Belarus and gradually continues to progress with the help of its professional staff. EMSAŞ is involved in a variety of business development activities in USA, Belarus, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Angola. The success of Emsaş Construction is based on trusted relationships with it's clients.

EMSAŞ, is a professional company that specializes in turnkey construction of structures such as Hotel complexes, Hospitals and Medical Complexes, Business Centers, Housing, Schools and Sport Centers. In addition to these Emsaş has the competencies for the construction of infrastructure projects such as Highway, Tunnels, Bridges, Natural gas transmission and Distribution line systems, Wind power plant, Solar energy systems, Cogeneration-trigeneration plants, Water treatment plants. Emsaş not only undertakes the construction phase but also covers the design process , engineering, project management and consultancy services.

EMSAŞ, supports the technical and design requirements related to advanced architecture, engineering and construction techniques by setting up domestic and foreign strategic partnerships. EMSAŞ always updates itself on current issues which are associated with the latest architectural trends and environmental issues related to construction methods by way of sharing information and experience with our global partners.

EMSAS Construction’s technical staff consists of specialized engineers and architects who deal with economical and environmental difficulties on construction projects , make realistic predictions, submit optimum solutions to problems encountered in application, and establish confidence between our clients and constructor through special emphasis to knowledge, experience, management skills and teamwork. EMSAS Construction brings added value to projects as one of the most significant principles in order to go behind accomplishing any works undertaken and achieving mutual benefits for our clients in providing buildings of excellence and symbols of the city and which will serve the community for many years, be admired and respected. Over the past 30 years, our company had made the vision and goals of our clients a reality and day by day carries the objectives forward by expanding and fulfilling the responsibilities, given to us by our clients and our country.

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