As EMSAŞ, we provide career opportunities to our staff in various projects that require advanced engineering knowledge, in different geographies and culture, by the potential of having projects and visions in domestic and foreign countries. We have the ability, knowledge and experience for contracting and accomplishing complex civil projects in different professions. The success of projects is proportional to success of our clients and staff. The responsibility of improvement of our staff in technical, personel and administrative fields, is owned by EMSAŞ. Our company values to not only the bussiness qualifications but also the personal happiness, and believe that social lives are important for the quality of at-work studies.

EMSAŞ has the tradition of determination for the quality issues, environmental issues, safety issues, standards, information and technological development. EMSAŞ with this commitment produces fair working environment and modern living spaces.

EMSAŞ will open the gates of carrier oportunities to the new values and succeed the missions assigned by the increasing bussiness volume presented by the cultural and geographic potential of our country.

Emsaş is commited to supply the growing demand rising in the industry by adding experienced candidates to its team, who desire success, give importance to teamwork, open to development, have self-confidence.

EMSAŞ has the ability of planning and completing many projects with simultaneous and in geographic variety by its successful, willing, capable and professional and specialized staff who believe their goals.


EMSAŞ Human Resources